Monstera Deliciosa Wooden Earrings

Monstera Deliciosa Wooden Earrings

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Meet the Monstera plant – a tropical stunner! Its big, glossy leaves feature cool splits and holes, making it a head-turner in any room.Short - Tall - Big - Small - We Love them All!

Care Instructions + Tips & Tricks

Light: Give your Monstera bright, indirect sunlight. No harsh rays, please!

Watering: Keep soil moist in spring and summer, but let the top inch dry out between waterings. In winter, ease up a bit on watering. Tip: Make sure to use a Chunky Mix

Humidity: These rainforest darlings love humidity. Offer a misting or group them with other plants for a tropical vibe.

Temperature: Keep it cozy between 65°F to 80°F (18°C to 27°C). No chilly drafts, please!

Fertilizing: Feed them a diluted liquid fertilizer every few weeks during growing seasons. They'll thank you with lush foliage.

Pruning and Maintenance: Trim away any yellow leaves and leggy vines for a tidy look. Give them something to climb, like a moss pole or trellis.

With these easy-care tips, your Monstera plant will be the talk of the jungle – err, I mean, your home! 🌿 Follow us on Socials @hiddenseedco an be the first to see Drops & Discounts.


Care Tips

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