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The Mossy Ball ‘el Chica’

The Mossy Ball ‘el Chica’

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Bed stone color

Join the Moss Amigos Family! These are great little easy to care for Moss Balls you can take anywhere! fun for everyone! “Limited Supply” — el Chica (media casa)


Marimo moss balls are a highly unique and rare form of algae growth. They can only be found growing in a few lakes, streams and waterways throughout the world, which are located in Japan, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, and Estonia. As the algae grows the movement of the waves causes them to gradually form into spheres of soft, green algae with a fuzzy, velvet-like texture. Moss Amigos is a United States company that has been able to produce these amazing specimens and we are proud to officially be able to carry them in our store 🇱🇷


These specimens are considered a good luck charm in many countries. Marimo Moss balls grow 1” in diameter of the course of 5 years, so a new aquatic vessel will eventually be needed once your little cutie grows.



Marimo Moss highly prefer to be in spring water to live there best life, but if all you have is tap water let it sit out for at least 72 hours before using and make sure the water is at room temp either way. 

Place in a well lit room or near a window but not in direct sunlight. Normal household lights will be just fine. 

Pick your moss buddy up a few times a week and give it a good twirl to get us spinning around in the water, don’t go overboard with the spinning. 

If your new miss buddy is turning lighter in color move it away from the light you have it in to a darker spot in the room, if it gets brown spotting, change the water out and make sure the stones are clean at the bottom, then add a pinch of sea salt “ just a very little bit when adding the new spring water, rinse the moss ball off with spring water and place it back into the jar. 

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