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Pet Safe Plants

Hello Plant Lovers, we know it may be difficult to just run out and by the first beautiful plant you see in the shop however we also know you have furry baby's at home that are some times curious and like to just taste test stuff!

Google in some cases has always been our friend when it comes to this subject so please make it your friend and check out the abundance of resources available on the "Big G"! Some plants are okay for dogs, but not for cats or birds and vice versa. The ASPCA has great lists on there site (Click Here)!Based off what we have found here are some safe bets across the board: baby's tears, banana trees, peperomias, spider plants, bamboo, most all true palms (parlous, ponytail, Areca...), Boston ferns. Most succulents have also found to be safe, you can do burrows tails, aloes, and haworthias. Remember its up to you to ultimately make the final call, we are not endorsing or fully recommending any certain plants and can not be held liable.


Pants make great pets!